Intense Wedding Cake Makeover Tips

Are you tired of seeing the regular three tier wedding cake with straightforward white frosting and the small bride and groom wedding cake topper. We all know the iconic wedding cake look and really feel. If you are just after a quite formal or classic wedding then this is the exact cake you want. On the other hand, right now numerous couples are opting for alternative wedding themes and a additional relaxed feeling general. With well known wedding themes like fairy tales, Dragonflies and other fun and light or even whimsical themes a standard wedding cake no longer fits correctly in its place. It is nor time to take that old wedding cake out of the closet it and give it a complete new look. America appears to be in love with the thought of a makeover from the hit Tv shows like Intense Body Makeover, Extreme Home Makeover and the ever well known Pimp My Ride America appears to be in a love with makeovers. Nicely, wedding cakes are no distinctive and today’s couples are going for much more unusual, light and exciting suggestions for wedding cakes. So why not try some of these custom wedding cake concepts.

Inventive and Custom Wedding Cake Toppers

There are a ton of distinct wedding cake toppers on the industry today and you are no longer stuck with what your nearby bakery has. You can now effortlessly shop on the web and obtain retailers selling a wide wide variety of wedding cake toppers. You can have something from the classic bride and groom to the whacky and wild. If you are prepared to pay a tiny further you can get a custom wedding cake topper sculpted out of particular non toxic clay like material and designed in the likeness of you and your husband. If you are genuinely into a sport or want to show a thing distinctive about the two of you as a couple then a custom wedding cake topper is the way to go. The artists can very easily make a couple carrying out just about something. So if you are avid rock climbers then you can have a bride and groom fashioned in your likeness that are on the leading of Yosemite Half Dome, or whatever sport or activity you like.

If you never want to be that adventurous then you might want to go for a custom initials wedding cake topper. These are attractive wedding cake toppers made from your initials and then decorated with small crystals. What ever you decide on there is a wedding cake topper either already made or that can be custom made to match your wedding theme.

Themed Wedding Cakes

If you just go to your local bakery or even a compact wedding cake shop you are probably to just discover the common wedding cake offerings or the standard cake. However, if you actually want to do a wedding cake makeover ask if they can do themed wedding cakes. There are a wide range of options for a custom wedding cake and some of the methods that you can customize are listed under.


If you are not confident about all of this and want to stick somewhat to tradtion then why not go for the classic cake but add some flare to it via the decorations and frosting. custom made cake toppers can add a wide variety of diverse ornaments and decorations to the wedding cake to really make it stand out. Certain you can go with the classic shaped cakes like the three tiered circle or even a tiered square cake but that does not mean you cannot go a small crazy and get some intriguing decorations place on it with exceptional frosting suggestions. Try to pick up on the theme of the wedding as a lot as doable.

Sculpted Cakes

Now this is where a custom wedding cake baker genuinely can show off their talents and the sorts of projects they often appreciate to do. A baker who can do a sculpted cake may possibly take a tiny work to find however when you uncover one particular you are only limited by your concepts. Do you want a major castle wedding cake? They can effortlessly do this to make a fairy tale wedding cake. If you want a beach themed wedding cake why not get a picnic basket or a beautiful sand castle wedding cake. If you are contemplating obtaining a sculpted cake you can seriously have any three dimensional design that you can think of. Why not attempt a hamburger and fries for a enjoyable and light hearted beach wedding cake. The sky is the limited when you get a sculpted cake.

Mini Cakes and Cup Cakes

Once more if you never really really feel prepared to make the commitment to such a grand cake like above and want to hold a little bit on the traditional side but with a flair of exciting why not try a mini wedding cake or even cupcakes. These are enjoyable for the reason that they are smaller individual serving sized cakes that your guests will enjoy. If you are organizing on having a tiny wedding it can be a lot of exciting to make personalized mini wedding cakes for the guests.

What ever you pick usually maintain in thoughts that there are possibilities out there to customize, tweak, alter and adjust just about just about every issue of your wedding cake. Let you thoughts wander and have fun a bit and go for some thing a tiny distinct. Normally make positive to strategy ahead and leave sufficient time for the baker to do the added job well. Otherwise you are all set to go with a fun and exclusive wedding cake that is a definite extreme makeover from the standard 3 or 5 tiered wedding cake.

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